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I really LOVE the color combination on this bag. I have noticed a fair amount of improvements in the quality of the Celine Nano since the last time I purchase my black nano from Perfect Celine, including better stitching, form, sturdiness, and weight in terms of the hardware. The hardware on my old Celine nano (black) is much lighter in comparison to the new hardware and the new hardware just has a better look and feel overall. The bag is also a million times better than my first Fake Louis Vuitton which I had purchased a long time ago which looks utterly terrible when placed side by side with the new bag.

The bottom of the handbags are virtually identical and there is no honestly no visible difference between the authentic or Prada Replica Handbags in this case. The four silver pegs at the bottom of the bag are awesome as they really do help prevent the handbag from getting dirty at all. If you own a designer handbag it is very likely that a pet peeve of yours will be the bottom getting dirty!