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Second package is keypall 55 after began open package the item was ok the letter and quality of material was exceptible the bass gold hardwear was exception and have much weight on it. But buy comparer between speedy hardwear totally different material side by side by far I can tell. Then start to open inside the item I was very mad cause all accessories that suppose to come with this luggage was missing. No shoulder straps no key lock but funny I got little box that first I was assuming will be the box for the key lock. Open it little box was empty only 2 keys no Lock key. No Name padlock card to attach with luggage. None of accessories didnt come with Fake Louis Vuitton . I only got care card and 2 keys but none lock key.

Here are the photos of my Phantom which is actually a Hermes Replica Handbags of the croc embossed version in red. The leather of the bag is quite stiff but it is definitely authentic and I like how the croc embossed bag keeps its shape a bit better compared to the other Phantoms made from calfskin since I think that the form of the bags are what make CELINE's personality. Take a look at the photos below and let me know what you think - would you go authentic or fake for the Celine replica bag shown below?