LV has always been born to travel. From 1854, Mr. Replica Louis Vuitton revolutionary design of the first LV flat top leather case, creating a synonym LV pattern of the first generation began, LV became a luxury travel luggage. Bones "on the road" in the DNA of each so that LV bags that are both beautiful and practical, so in addition to many favorite LV star numbers, all kinds of limited edition package shall appear in the probability of the airport is also the largest.

but then again the empreinte line is generally a rarer sight on the streets compared to the classic Monogram canvas looks! But at the same time it does not compromise my inner fashionista's needs and gives me that super chic style vibe that Louis Vuitton's empreinte range generally exudes in my opinion at least. Anyways I got this bag from Counterlux as well - the same place I bought my Babylone PM. This bag is also on my 10/10 Fake Louis Vuitton list - meaning the bag is pretty much a perfect dupe and lacks all those usual nitpicky things that are wrong with replicas and I have become very good at picking apart over the years.

Usually fake handbags come with zippers engraved with the capitalized word Lampo - these are clearly fake. Good Balenciaga Gucci Replica Handbags should have Lampo zippers which have the word Lampo written in a slanted or italics font. In addition to this the "L" from Lampo must extend to the end of the word. A trademark symbol should also appear beside the world Lampo. Usually when my friends show off their replica Balenciaga's to me I take a look at the zippers first. If the replica artists have paid attention to the zippers it is a sign that they have an eye for detail and will follow through with other finer or subtle details on the rest of the handbag.