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I had promised to share this review back in 2016 but never got around to it. So sorry for the super long delay but here are the pictures of the amazing Prada Esplanade bag I got in two tone (white navy blue combo). The bag is a counter quality Fake Louis Vuitton - as you all know by now is the best grade of replica which exists out there. The bag is a mix of calf leather/saffiano leather and I think that the leather combination works well. The bag is the super sophisticated and I think it looks bets paired with a cute little black dress on a night out. Although you could totally pull it off as a day bag as well. The Esplanade is definitely a statement bag - it is not a subtle piece, but it really really stands out so if you are looking for something to give your outfit a bit of a pop or wow factor I would really suggest this Prada model. Without further ado here are pics of my bag.

Usually fake handbags come with zippers engraved with the capitalized word Lampo - these are clearly fake. Good Balenciaga Prada Replica Handbags should have Lampo zippers which have the word Lampo written in a slanted or italics font. In addition to this the "L" from Lampo must extend to the end of the word. A trademark symbol should also appear beside the world Lampo. Usually when my friends show off their replica Balenciaga's to me I take a look at the zippers first. If the replica artists have paid attention to the zippers it is a sign that they have an eye for detail and will follow through with other finer or subtle details on the rest of the handbag.