May 2015, Alicia Vikander was chosen as the brand ambassador of the new season, the brand immediately disclose her involvement in the shooting of the 2015 autumn and winter series of ads. The girl was also regarded as "unknown", the major media have search a variety of information about her, called her "Nicolas Ghesquiere's new muse." But frankly, it had not been able to see that this girl is unique Replica Louis Vuitton , shoot for the brand advertising is relatively sluggish. (Later I learned that it would be her personal style, a little "facial paralysis", relatively cold Nordic girl.

I stumbled upon Fake Louis Vuitton and with all of the positivity on their site I was encouraged to try them out but boy oh boy do I regret my stupidity now. The ordering process was ok, no complaints there. My problem was when the package arrived I was SO disappointed because the purse (classic flap jumbo) had a quilting pattern was very off making it extremely visibly fake! The bag looked nothing like what they advertise on their site and the flaws are very noticeable to the naked eye. The ‘CC' on the inside of the bag was also wierdly done. Threading was coming loose and there was glue and a huge scratch on the inside. VERY POOR QUALITY for what I paid!!!! The leather of the bag just screamed fake and cheap!

Here are the photos of my Phantom which is actually a Replica Handbags of the croc embossed version in red. The leather of the bag is quite stiff but it is definitely authentic and I like how the croc embossed bag keeps its shape a bit better compared to the other Phantoms made from calfskin since I think that the form of the bags are what make CELINE's personality. Take a look at the photos below and let me know what you think - would you go authentic or fake for the Celine replica bag shown below?