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I absolutely love the Neo Mimosa series and my favorite interior lining is the yellow - I love the pop of color it gives, but the fuschia interior is also beautiful as well! I honestly plan to buy every color of the Mimosa series because I think that the Neverfull is such a functional bag and hey when they are Fake Louis Vuitton at a fraction of the cost - why not right? So I was super impressed with the bag and I think you will be too once you see the photos below … take a look and let me know what you think!

Anyways I simply prefer to have a collection of both authentic handbags and Fendi Replica Handbags if you will … sometimes I really love a bag and just really want a real one and can't resist so I'll splurge (like the recent vintage Kelly I found - it was to die for in person at the consignment store so I ended up giving in to my temptation and going authentic, and I feel completely okay about that even though it did cost me a big chunk of change), however after also seeing many replica bags while experimenting shopping for them I realized there really is no difference between the two except for the fact that you can boast about it being authentic.