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I am certainly not surprised about the comment about Pursevalley (if anyone has read anything on this blog about them they will know they sell garbage), but after reading this email I feel compelled to share some general, plain, factual, and really important truths about buying Fake Louis Vuitton and the replica market in general. Firstly when you are shopping for replicas please keep in mind that 99% of the replica market sells junk. By junk I mean super cheaply manufactured bags that put the fake in fake.

I personally support true artisanal craft especially when it comes to leather and purses, for which I am weak at the knees, but Replica Handbags has definitely dropped the ball when it comes to the whole luxury factor surrounding their brand. I still can't get over the part in the video where all the British Burberry craftsmen were worried about remaining unemployed for the rest of their lives after the factory was due to close.