Four, Gucci Soho Series Gucci Soho double G series has become one of the words embossed brand logo, the most significant feature of the series as well as ornaments tassels and metal chain shoulder strap. Small messenger Replica Louis Vuitton is the most beloved, it was only to take some time ago Rihanna wearing Alexander Wang and H & M joint family, carrying a small brown bag Gucci Soho. The low-profile double G big Logo see how people are not tired, simple and wild!

The leather on this Fake Louis Vuitton is gorgeous and the braiding is wonderfully done. The bag was about $405 USD with the discount they gave (compared to about $2150 for the authentic model), and I also bought a YSL Cassandre tassel chain bag and a new Prada bag with my order too to qualify for the free wallet which was an awesome deal. I'll be adding pictures of my other bags in the haul as well shortly! The bag came with the usual plastic covered handles which protect it during the shipping process.

In this article I will compare and review a Replica Handbags Totally to an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Azur going over key tips to guide when you are shopping online! Take a look at the photo above! Can you spot the fake right off the bat or did it take you a few moments to compare the two? It can be really tough for buyers to decipher between real and fake nowadays due to the improving standards of replica bag manufacturers. If the first thing you looked at were the handles of the bag and noticed a color difference, do not let yourself be fully thrown off! The handles on the bag pictured on the left side have been patina'd which means they have oxidized due to exposure.