May 2015, Alicia Vikander was chosen as the brand ambassador of the new season, the brand immediately disclose her involvement in the shooting of the 2015 autumn and winter series of ads. The girl was also regarded as "unknown", the major media have search a variety of information about her, called her "Nicolas Ghesquiere's new muse." But frankly, it had not been able to see that this girl is unique Replica Louis Vuitton , shoot for the brand advertising is relatively sluggish. (Later I learned that it would be her personal style, a little "facial paralysis", relatively cold Nordic girl.

As a serious Chanel lover and collector I can say that there is a significant decline in quality within the Chanel brand over the years as they seemed to have lowered their production standards. I highly recommend well kept vintage bags that have the gold coating as these bags are in my opinion from a Chanel era in which quality was at the top of their priorities. Anyways enough chit chat. This guide is meant to give you a glimpse at a comparison between an authentic and Fake Louis Vuitton with tips for spotting fake bags which have been very poorly constructed.

When you are shopping for Replica Handbags remember not to fall in love too quickly and make a purchase right away. Unfortunately since replica handbags are a more shady industry than stepping into a Louis Vuitton boutique for example and buying a bag in person, you need to always vet any store before you finalize a purchase with them! How can you vet them? Just do a quick online Google search to see if you can find any reviews!