Three, Saint Laurent Monogramme series when Yves Saint Laurent was renamed Saint Laurent when everyone is worried about the classic Replica Louis Vuitton letter package will disappear, but it took so long Monogramme series remains one of the flagship brands. YSL three-letter cross buckle design exciting, eye-catching gold and each of them are so good-looking colors, no wonder the only bag can be sought after by everyone.

What do you think of Balenciaga's purposeful (or accidental) copying of IKEA's FRATKA Fake Louis Vuitton ? Should IKEA have been more stern with Balenciaga and pursued legal action? … Just kidding about that one, but it was hard not to ask ;-P … As I have mentioned before I personally think copy or no-copy the bag looks utterly hideous and I definitely cannot imagine myself spending over two grand to carry this EVER. The original IKEA FRATKA however sounds like a delightful and super useful tote (according to IKEA's ad it can even carry water) which is worth the $0.99. Of course in cases like these we are reminded that high fashion can be ridiculous in terms of cost, and this is one of those time where it glaringly shows. Sound off with your opinion in the comments below to let me know what you think!

Additionally the dimensions of the handbag are off by a bit (it is supposed to be a nano) and if you can see it has more of a rectangular shape to it than a square shape. This bag is what most Gucci Replica Handbags sites sell and they are good enough to dupe most people into thinking they are authentic CELINEs an expert would be still able to spot the bag as a fake. I have posted detailed photos below for you to take a look at to see all the details, and what the manufacturers missed in making it.