The site for this Replica Louis Vuitton company states they only produce 50 bags a month since they use Hermes' original hand sewn method to make the bags so it was nice to see how much dedication they show to the process of making the bags. I purchased my bag in a natural tan color with gold hardware, and contrasting white stitching. The bag's leather is amazing - apparently the import it in from Europe. You can see through the photos of the bag I have taken the immense quality of the texture.

I am certainly not surprised about the comment about Pursevalley (if anyone has read anything on this blog about them they will know they sell garbage), but after reading this email I feel compelled to share some general, plain, factual, and really important truths about buying Fake Louis Vuitton and the replica market in general. Firstly when you are shopping for replicas please keep in mind that 99% of the replica market sells junk. By junk I mean super cheaply manufactured bags that put the fake in fake.

Anyways I simply prefer to have a collection of both authentic handbags and Prada Replica Handbags if you will … sometimes I really love a bag and just really want a real one and can't resist so I'll splurge (like the recent vintage Kelly I found - it was to die for in person at the consignment store so I ended up giving in to my temptation and going authentic, and I feel completely okay about that even though it did cost me a big chunk of change), however after also seeing many replica bags while experimenting shopping for them I realized there really is no difference between the two except for the fact that you can boast about it being authentic.