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I got super busy with work and life, but my purse and designer addiction never left me and I have been collecting more beauties (both real and Fake Louis Vuitton ) to add to my collection! I'll be sharing them all with you guys over the next little while and wanted to start with a wallet that I am completely in love with right now. I am a hot pink girl. I know … a lot of people are not into pink, but I embrace it. Especially during the fall and winter seasons - I think it really adds a nice color pop to an otherwise boring or neutral outfit.

So I very recently purchased a Gucci Replica Handbags or tote which I am in love with. Burberry is one brand which I personally at least cannot justify buying a real purse from. Especially after I watched this documentary on Youtube in which it showed Burberry deciding to move their production from the UK (where they originated from - they are a British brand for those of you who don't know) to South Asia. As a business decision this makes a lot of sense as the owners of the company can now make their bags for dirt cheap and enjoy maximum markups.